ID Management

3 Surprising Benefits of ID Management

If you’re thinking about adding identity management to protect your business, you probably have a lot of questions and considerations that make it feel like a pretty complex decision. Because you already have a lot on your plate and on your mind, it may help simplify your choices to explore these 3 surprising business benefits of ID management.

1 –  Simplified auditing and reporting

A good identity management system gives specific users access only to what they are authorized to see and do, protecting both data and team members from unnecessary exposure. With role-based control, the system allows tracking and monitoring for all activities related to those resources.

As a business owner, this visibility via unique logins allows you to monitor your staff productivity, manage focus and enhance your system security. Additionally, if a user login is lost or stolen, you can quickly check and correct for any breaches that may have occurred after losing the credentials.

2 –  Safe and secure login from wherever are

More businesses like yours are going mobile as they respond to the increased demand for working remotely from the road, home and client’s offices. Taking mobility factors into account is a key element of setting up identity management systems because the more someone is moving around with their important data, files and identity information, the more secure their access needs to be.

And since certain members of your staff who are more mobile may not need access to all the critical business data on your system, we can keep the most sensitive information more securely guarded from mobile logins to reduce the chance of a security breach.

3 – Reduced overall IT service costs

Most experienced IT professionals will tell you that the little things took up most of their very valuable time. One of those little things is that people just plain forget their passwords or login credentials. When there are critical projects to accomplish with IT, the last thing you want your internal or even external IT service provider wasting time and precious billable hours on is the tedious work of recovering user logins instead of fixing your server or expanding technology capabilities.

Allowing our team of experts at Akins IT to handle your ID management frees up your IT resources to work on critical issues and progress for your business, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. One of our core values at Akins IT is to make the complex simple: When we simplify your ID management you save time, cost and potential inconvenience by avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Reach out to us today to put efficiency, safety, and savings in the palm of your hands with the proper ID management systems.