3 Ways YouTube Controls Help Facilitate Better Learning

3 Ways YouTube Controls Help Facilitate Better Learning

When it comes to using technology in the classroom, it can be for the better or worse. One resource in particular is a hit with students of all ages – from youngsters to teens and up.

Educators are giving YouTube another look, especially with the growth of online educational content and more customizable YouTube controls. Teachers are finding new and innovative ways to integrate YouTube to their lesson plans.

In addition to finding educational content to engage students, teachers can also create their own channels to showcase student work.

As the largest online silo of video content (with a much-anticipated TV service scheduled to launch this spring), YouTube is more than just videos of cute animals, music videos, or other irresistible distractions.

The video hosting site allows teachers to take students to different places around the world, listen to subject matter experts, or share their ideas collaboratively.

Targeting the Right Videos

Searching YouTube with only keywords can be a hit-or-miss situation. Searching for the right videos related to your lesson plan can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. One tip is to substitute similar keywords to bring up different videos to the top of the list, whereas another option is to search within various channels.

Narrowing Your Search with YouTube Controls

Another way to help you save time and narrow down your search is by using YouTube’s Restricted Mode. This feature allows you to screen out potentially objectionable content that you may not want your students to stumble upon.

Using age restrictions, community flagging, and other indicators to filter inappropriate content, Restricted Mode is available in all languages.

Sharing Content With Ease

The sharing features of YouTube videos are wide and varied. A learning management system like Blackboard or Google Classroom allows teachers to send links to students individually or in groups. YouTube also supports students who may want to explore topics not explicitly covered in class.

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