4 Unexpected Qualities Your IT Support Provider Shares with Happy Gilmore

We’re willing to bet that you didn’t realize your IT support provider had four things in common with unorthodox golfer Happy Gilmore. Sure, it’s unlikely they’ve got an ongoing feud with Bob Barker or that they use a hockey stick to play golf, though we can be pretty sure that some of your IT support providers do spend time on the links.

So what qualities does your IT support partner share with Happy Gilmore?

  1.  Drive

Maybe they have the ability to drive a golf ball thousands of feet down the fairway. But in this case we’re talking about the drive to succeed. Happy Gilmore wanted to be the best at everything he did. The same is true about your IT support provider. No matter the challenge — even “Act 3” problems (as they say in Hollywood) — your IT support provider will hear the call, figure out the best strategy to win, and fight through any issue to ensure your business succeeds.

  1. Determination

Happy Gilmore worked tirelessly and overcame the odds to become a champion. Your IT support provider operates the same way. While your IT support provider may not have to worry about paying off $270K of Grandma’s back taxes, they are just as determined as her favorite grandson to help you through technology challenges of any size.

Effective IT support providers also bring years of experience and training to their work, an advantage Happy Gilmore didn’t have, and that knowledge and expertise helps perfect what they’re doing for you, so you’re not just making lucky slapshots around the course.

  1. Value

Happy Gilmore made himself extremely valuable to the sport and his friends because he cared so much about doing the right thing. That’s the same thing your IT support provider will do for you. They work their hardest and devote their best effort to give you the most bang for your buck. They may not be going after Subway sponsorships to get the job done, but when drive and determination come together, it’s not surprising to show up with a branded jacket covered with big brand sponsor logos.

In all seriousness, your IT service provider wants to maximize their business value to you, and they will use their work ethic and high-quality service to plan and deliver the best technology products and services available to meet your unique needs.

  1.  Winning Together (spoiler alert)

When your IT service provider wins, so do you. It’s that simple. The same way that the audience cheered Happy Gilmore’s victory, your team will feel like winners when your service provider solves your issues or provides great guidance so your business can expand and innovate with little to no effort.

In the most important ways, golf underdog Happy Gilmore and your IT service provider are very similar. Although life is rarely like the movies, your business needs an IT service partner like Akins IT who takes on your challenges and gives everything they have to pull off a win against all the odds when it counts.