4 Ways Microsoft EMS Enables Secure Collaboration

We’re sure you already know that sharing and collaboration are no longer done only in an office setting. As technology has evolved, so has the way that we conduct business — and we’ve realized that we need more security in that collaboration process.

It’s not uncommon now to have mobile access to your entire desktop and all of your company’s files, whether on your personal or business device. So what’s keeping your business collaborations safe?

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite has become the standard bearer in a business world now focused on mobile and cloud-based technologies. Here are 4 ways that this incredible system enables secure collaboration when the world-at-large is your office.

  1. Protecting your “front door”

EMS starts with identity protection at the entrance to your business’ apps and data. Its use of Azure Active Directory Identity Protection gives you “risk-based conditional access to your applications and company’s data. The system also has the option for what Microsoft calls “multi-factor authentication,” taking multiple verification steps before you can gain access via your mobile device. And of course, your company has the proactive capability to monitor and selectively restrict the people who are granted access to your company’s systems anywhere at any time.

  1.  Protecting your data from user mistakes

Microsoft gives you the ability to see user and data activity. So when someone messes up — especially with critical company data — you can immediately find out and take quick action to correct for it. With Microsoft Cloud App Security you have not only visibility to monitor what happens but also controls over cloud apps including but not limited to Box, Salesforce, ServiceNow and, of course, Office 365.

  1.  Providing secure file sharing

Microsoft uses Azure Information Protection to ensure secure file sharing anywhere you and your business may be operating. Its use of Intune Mobile App Management allows you to manage Office mobile apps without requiring device enrollment management and to prevent data loss on mobile devices. Basically no one will be able to lay a hand on your data that doesn’t have your permission. The combination of these multiple technologies is truly the most advanced evolution of file security.

  1.  Detecting an attack in real time — before it causes damage

By using Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics in conjunction with Azure Active Directory and Cloud App Security, EMS helps identify attackers both inside and outside your organization by applying behavioral analytics and anomaly detection technology. Basically, your system will know when something is going wrong the moment that it happens, keeping your business safer than ever before.

As your trusted technology partner, Akins IT wants to make sure that your business security measures are both as up-to-date and as secure as possible. If mobile devices access your company’s network, you can rest easier knowing we believe Microsoft EMS “checks all the boxes” to secure and protect your environment for the latest business collaboration.

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