Students using Office 365 Education

5 Cool Ways Office 365 Education Empowers Students

Office 365 Education has changed the learning landscape for schools, teachers, students, and faculty all over the world. It provides new ways for students and teachers to collaborate in ways that feel like an extension of their normal everyday behavior. The purpose of technology in an educational environment is to help increase student achievement. Below is a list of 5 Cool ways Office 365 for Education does just that.


1. Always Learning Something New

There’s nothing like spending months mastering a new software application only to find out your skills went out of style due to the latest software update.  Half of today’s students work off an 8-year-old version of Microsoft Office. In tech years that’s like 8,000 years old. 8-year-old tech skills are about as cools as being a fast flip-phone texter. With Office 365 Education you will always have the latest version of the software every time you use it. Updates and upgrades are free and unlimited. Plus, it comes with web-based versions of Microsoft Office on top of the local versions you can run off your Mac or PC. By using Office 365 Education students will always have the most relevant skills to succeed in their future careers.

2. Collaboration Across the Nation

One of the best benefits of Office 365 Education is the ability to study and work in collaboration a teacher and other students across the country. Through the web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint students can share links to work in progress with other students and their teachers and get comments and feedback on their work in real-time. Students can take collaboration one step further with Microsoft Teams. With Teams students can be placed in groups with other classmates and their teacher to ask questions, share work in progress, and work simultaneously on an assignment. Office 365 Education provides a variety of applications that make it the most powerful collaboration software on the planet.

3. It’s all About How You Sway it

Powerpoint is old and unoriginal. Over the past 20 years, the world has had it’s fill of slide decks. Office 365 Education empowers students to create engaging multimedia presentations with Sway. Today’s technology has enabled the flexibility to use it in a non-linear fashion. PowerPoint is linear, information moves in one direction. Referencing a previous slide in a single presentation requires the memory of each person in an audience. With Sway everything is built online. You can use rich media, hyperlinks, animations, and feeds to create and immersive compelling presentations which flow seamlessly with its creator. This application allows students to express themselves and their information in more creative ways.

4. Yeah… There’s an App for That

Students are spending more time than ever of their Mobile Devices. According to CNN Tweens (ages 8-12) and Teenagers spend and average of 8 hours a day consuming media. 48% of that consumption is on a mobile device. That rounds out at about 4 hours a day. A students part time job is to be on their mobile device. Making in the most adopted technology of all time. Microsoft is prepared for the mobility-obsessed students of today. Office 365 Education offers mobile apps for all of the applications on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Students have anytime access to all their work anytime, anywhere, on any device.

5. Office 365 Education is FREEEEEE!

Nothing makes a student feel more empowered than getting the hook up on the latest technology for free. That’s right, Microsoft believes that technology in education increases student achievement. Schools are constantly in need of more budget. There is not enough to go around and they are forced to make tough decisions. In the past districts have spent as much as $500,000 a year just to maintain their email environment. Now that Office 365 Education is free schools, students, and teachers can repurpose that budget to create education experience for everyone. If you’re a school that is interested in migrating to Office 365 Education, give us a call. We are experts in technology for education. Our team of experts will help make the migration easy and worry free. We’re all about making people happy.