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What’s Your Security Score?

 Author: Shawn Akins Security breaches and hacking is on the news just about daily.  Sony, the DNC, HBO…the list goes on and on.  I speak with many other executives and often I hear “We don’t have data we care about getting into the wrong hands, we just do manufacturing or education or ____”.  I remind […]

Multi-Factor Authentication as a Best Practice

Author: Jaime Garispe What is it? Even if you’ve never heard the term Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) before, it’s very likely that you’ve experienced it. Have you ever tried to login to your bank info from your work computer or cell phone and been prompted to enter a one time password sent to you through text […]

Microsoft Cloud on the Local Network!!?!

Author: Chris Nicholas This has been a long time coming! When I first learned that Azure Resource Manager [ARM] would be available in an on-premise flavor called Azure Stack, I was perplexed and excited. We’ve been through two technical previews, a lot of waiting and anticipating but the time has come. Azure Stack is here! […]

Classrooms of the Future

Author: Shawn Akins Earlier this month, I attended the Microsoft Inspire 2017 event.  This is an event held by Microsoft for partners.  Microsoft has over 64,000 partners worldwide that employ over 17 million people.  Pretty amazing stats! I attended the Education workshops because that is a big focus not only for Akins IT, but also […]

Microsoft Got Sexy: 5 Takeaways from MS Inspire 2017 – Washington D.C.

Author: Chris Nicholas Well that was intense! 4 days of solid conferencing, workshopping, and breakouts have left me begging Microsoft for more. I don’t want to bore any of you, so let’s get to it shall we?  1. Satya Nadella is the RIGHT leader for Microsoft. Satya focused on discussing Digital Transformations, the Intelligent Cloud and the […]

New Ransomware NotPetya: More Dangerous and Advanced than WannaCry

The long and the short of it- PATCH YOUR COMPUTERS! Hopefully most of you did this after reading about the WannaCry virus and that it penetrated the network through unpatched computers. But if not, please do so immediately! This virus- NotPetya- is also scanning for unpatched computers. “It only takes one unpatched computer to get […]

How to Block Websites for Your School Network

When working in a school environment, it sometimes becomes necessary to block certain websites. (Read our case study for Western Christian Schools.) Explicit content, biased political commentary, suspicious sites: To shield staff, students and data, you may need to strengthen your network. This article will discuss four ways to block certain websites on your school’s […]