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Akins IT Listed as #18 in OCBJ’s Best Places to Work List

The Orange County Business Journal  recently released its 2016 list of Best Companies to Work For and listed Akins IT as # 18. Every year the Orange County Business Journal, a weekly publication examining business within the Orange County economy, recognizes the best employers in Orange County. The process requires surveys to be taken by the […]

Bookings for Office 365

It seems that there is no end to the stream of announcements from Microsoft these days, as they revealed a new offering this morning called Bookings. As the name suggests, Bookings is an online scheduling tool coming to the O365 suite. The new software is right in line with the current strategy of widening the […]

Microsoft is Combining ERP and CRM

One of the biggest challenges in the software world is being able to move data across various platforms and avoid situations where it exists in silos, making it difficult to leverage. In an effort to further integration, efficiency, and gain more market share, Microsoft announced today that it intends to combine its ERP products with […]

Did Microsoft Just Change the Game?

Yesterday Microsoft announced at its Worldwide Partner Conference that the Surface line of computers will be available as a subscription service, furthering the notion that the end device is simply another commodity. While the initial offering will be limited to the enterprise market through Cloud Solution  Providers, it seems only logical that Microsoft will follow […]

Future Proofing Your Infrastructure

A client who is moving into a new office recently asked for advice in setting up his infrastructure. After scoping out the best spot for mounting his server rack, we surveyed the space to get an idea of how he wanted to deploy the data drops. As soon as someone brings up data drops, the next […]

Accomplish More with Microsoft Azure

In the early days of computing, business apps and data were run on individual local hard drives. As companies began to realize the advantages of central management and control, they transitioned to hosting their apps and data from servers on the local network. Nowadays, everything is stored in the “Cloud.” But what is it exactly, and how does it work? Read more in […]

How Secure Is the Cloud?

We all remember The Fappening, the iCloud hack from 2014 where nude pictures of celebrities were leaked over the internet. While it has started serious conversations over privacy rights and other laws relating to the internet, it has also led some to question how secure the cloud really is. The major benefits of cloud-based security […]

Microsoft Azure Takes Another Step Towards Securing Data

It goes without saying that the race to protect and secure data is never ending. Today Microsoft announced its latest attempt to bolster data security and augment its Azure Rights Management service with a new program called Azure Information Protection service. The tool is designed to give power to the end user in the form […]

Fixing the Workplace Email Problem

The problem could almost be considered the elephant in the room. Its impact can be felt across the board in almost every industry, but the solution has escaped every developer to date. Outlook gives you the ability to create plenty of rules to govern the flow of your email although, given the sprawl of most […]