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Microsoft Focuses on the Future with Windows Holographic

This month Microsoft shifted the spotlight back to the future – Windows Holographic. The Hololens will be the keystone for Microsoft’s “Mixed Reality” platform and is touting innate Windows 10 integration… Basically, developers can count on Microsoft’s commitment to seeing this one through.  With the advent of the next frontier on our doorsteps, the potential […]

Microsoft Planner Launched

Microsoft Planner will be included in the Microsoft Office bundle and is comparable to Trello and Asana. The software focuses on team collaboration and organizes work and tasks in a bulletin or board-type format. Teams can create plans, assign tasks, chat, and share documents and files. The software is also very visually focused and each […]

Tips to Protect Against Ransomware

What is ransomware? Ransomware is software that hackers use to hold your computer files hostage while demanding some sum of money for you to recover them. There are a number of different ransomwares but Cryptolocker is one that has received a lot of news coverage lately. Cryptolocker hackers have targeted the US and UK by […]

4 Reasons CIOs Get Canned

CIOs have challenging jobs which require them to balance ongoing projects, IT planning and budgeting, and putting out a number of other fires. Some CIOs lose their jobs in a very public manner or are demoted. Why? The most frequent reason is simple failure to perform their job responsibilities. The picture from Forbes magazine above […]

Your New Password: Coffee, Muscle, Car, Beer

Emojis have changed the way we communicate and many people use them to communicate via text more than actual words. They have a clear place in younger social environments with 64% of millennials communicating only with emojis regularly. But, research suggests that emojis may have a valuable place in business too. New security software will […]

Email Retention Policies: What You Need to Know

After awarding a $500 million iPad contract, emails surfaced demonstrating that former Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) superintendent had begun meeting personally with Apple and Pearson a year before the contract went out to public bid. The FBI is now sorting through old emails as evidence and LAUSD has announced recently that it will […]

Cloud Battle: Azure v. AWS

We’ve been asked a couple times now about the differences between Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).   Here are our thoughts on how the two compare:   Security: Microsoft is the industry leader when it comes to protection and privacy of data evidenced by the fact that they were the first cloud provider to adopt the […]

Erate Filing Deadline Extension

USAC announced on April 15th that the filing window for Erate would be extended due to some delays various applicants have experienced with the EPC portal system.  Here are the new deadlines:  May 26, 2016 for schools and districts filing a 471 April 28, 2016 for schools and districts filing a 470 July 21, 2016 […]

Life-Work Balance. It Matters.

Its 5 pm on a Thursday and you’re beat from the week and still have laundry to do, dinner to make, bills that are coming due, and kids to pick up. We spend roughly 47 of the 168 hours in a week working. Sadly, only 13% of people enjoy their jobs.  If you’re lucky enough […]