You Can’t Choose Your Family but You Can Choose Your Customers

Choosing your customers sounds backwards since isn’t it the customer that chooses you?  I believe this is a two way street.  To truly provide excellent customer service, the company providing the service needs to be a good match for the customer.  When this is accomplished, it is a true win-win.

The 80/20 Rule

For most businesses, 80% of their business is generated by 20% of their customers.  Unfortunately, most businesses spend 80% of their time with customers making up only 20% of their revenue.  This can be applied to just about any organization, even in education.  I’m sure you can think of examples where the 80/20 rule comes into play.  One thing organizations can do is regularly evaluate the 80% of their customers that generate 20% of their business.

At Akins IT, we love working with “Right Clients” and our goal is to spend 80% of our time on them.  To be a “Right Client” for Akins IT, besides revenue, location, and other attributes, the client must “get” IT.  What do I mean by that?  Instead of treating IT as an overhead, the client treats IT as a tool to support their initiatives, differentiate themselves and outperform their competition.  When we have this match, the results are amazing.  

Take a look at what we’ve been able to accomplish with some of our right clients!