Back to School Security Checklist

Our cybersecurity checklist is designed to get you on the right track for the new school year.
school network firewall

3 Advantages of a Network Firewall for Your School

Without the right protection, one virus or Trojan horse could cause massive damage to a school system.
Content Filtering In Schools

5 Tips to Handle Content Filtering in the Classroom

With the emergence of online classroom access in the last decade, cybersecurity, internet protection and content filtering have become important to this huge topic in schools around the world.
3 Ways YouTube Controls Help Facilitate Better Learning

3 Ways YouTube Controls Help Facilitate Better Learning

Teachers are finding new and innovative ways to integrate YouTube to their lesson plans. Here’s how you can do it safely with the right YouTube controls.
YouTube Screen

Restricted YouTube for Schools

The Internet presents great opportunities for learning but also…

Microsoft Introduces Minecraft for the Classroom

The popular and thriving video game has been instilled in the…

Email Retention Policies: What You Need to Know

After awarding a $500 million iPad contract, emails surfaced…

Benefits of a Virtual CIO

Many companies find that bringing on a CIO is not feasible and…

Integrating Engineering in Education

It’s no surprise that Palisades Charter High School (Palisades)…