Protecting Student Information

Heading back to school conjures a mix of emotions. For students,…
Content Filtering In Schools

5 Tips to Handle Content Filtering in the Classroom

With the emergence of online classroom access in the last decade, cybersecurity, internet protection and content filtering have become important to this huge topic in schools around the world.
student-centered learning

3 Technologies to Inspire Student-Centered Learning

Teaching in the 21st century can be challenging. Here are 3 technologies to help make student-centered learning more innovative and easy.
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Restricted YouTube for Schools

The Internet presents great opportunities for learning but also…
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Take a Vacation! Outlook on the Web is Making it Easier to Get Away.

Summer is just around the corner. Get ready to dig your toes…
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Erate Filing Deadline Extension

USAC announced on April 15th that the filing window for Erate…
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Integrating Engineering in Education

It’s no surprise that Palisades Charter High School (Palisades)…