Did Microsoft Just Change the Game?

Yesterday Microsoft announced at its Worldwide Partner Conference that the Surface line of computers will be available as a subscription service, furthering the notion that the end device is simply another commodity. While the initial offering will be limited to the enterprise market through Cloud Solution  Providers, it seems only logical that Microsoft will follow its traditional strategy of putting as many devices into the hands of consumers as possible before too long.

This blatant revision to the meaning of “SaaS” sends a clear message that Microsoft isn’t just erasing the line in the sand, but that they’re planting a new flag squarely in the heart of the endpoint market. They’ve literally replaced “Software” with “Surface.” In retrospect, their move to bow out of the smartphone game makes even more sense.

Before long, the end device will be just like your dinner plate. As long as it’s big enough to hold your meal, you won’t care too much about what it looks like under the food. While we’re at it, perhaps we should change “Hardware” to “Flatware?”

Sorry, couldn’t resist… you can read more about the WPC here