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If Disney Characters had Fast Internet Speed

Disaster could have been avoided and happiness arrive earlier if Disney characters had fast internet speed. Think about the number of times a princess could have swiped left, wars could have been avoided, and secret codes uploaded to the cloud. Let’s be real though. We are talking about teens and internet, too. Not every ending would have been Happily Ever After. If Disney characters had fast internet speed, the story lines would have finished a lot sooner.

Ariel would have sold her treasures on eBay

Ariel would have made a bundle selling her treasures from the sunken ships on eBay. She could have started a real bidding war on some of the gemstones and the purse she carried to collect the booty. Once she had a few extra bucks in her pocket, she could have paid for her Prime membership and had new stuff shipped for free in a couple days.

Jasmine could have Google-stalked Jafar and Aladdin

Jasmine could have avoided a lot of heartache, and not to mention time in an hourglass, if she had spent a few minutes online putting Jafar and Aladdin’s names in a search engine. With a few clicks, she would have found Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts for each. She would have known something was wrong when Prince Ali and Grand Vizier didn’t appear at all.

Merida could have started her own YouTube channel

Merida would have been a YouTube sensation. She could have a couple accounts: one for women and girls who want to flaunt their curls and another for women and girls who want to learn how to become a straight-shot with a bow and arrow.

Peta would have started a campaign to save Bambi and Dumbo

After Bambi lost his mother and Dumbo was forced to perform for the circus, Peta would have started an online campaign to stop the hunting and shut down the circus. Bambi and Dumbo both would live in wildlife refuges without the fear of abuse or an early death.

Dory could have planned her trip with Waze

If Dory had fast internet and fins long enough to click a few buttons, she could have used Waze to get back home. She wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting where she was going because Waze would remind her and keep her on track.

Riley would have started a blog

Poor Riley. All she wanted was to express her feelings—all of them, but she couldn’t. Sure, she had her cell phone to screen calls from her mom, but high-speed internet would have allowed her to reach out to Skype with her friends back home, instant message them online, and start a blog to tell the world why she was so sad.

Winifred, Sarah and Jenny would have uploaded their spells to the cloud

If the three witches from Hocus Pocus just saved all their spells to the cloud, they would not have lost them when the book was gone and no one would have accessed them. When Winifred backed up the spells to the cloud, they would have been encrypted and easy to recover when the full moon was out.

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