Fixing the Workplace Email Problem

The problem could almost be considered the elephant in the room. Its impact can be felt across the board in almost every industry, but the solution has escaped every developer to date. Outlook gives you the ability to create plenty of rules to govern the flow of your email although, given the sprawl of most of our inboxes, we could spend just as much time setting up rules as we do actually reading the darn things.

In physics, the simplest solution is generally regarded as the best. Dublin-based Hiri is aiming to be just that. They begin by asking one retrospectively obvious question, “Is this an FYI or is there a task associated?” From there, the tool attempts to change your behavior by having you score your emails, thus creating your very own set of analytics by which Hiri can help you sort. It also takes a stab at preventing you from becoming Pavlov’s dog and constantly checking your email by limiting your ability to once every ½ hour. While the very thought of this feature elicits images of a tiger in a cage for me, I must concede that it’s probably a good idea for me to space out visits to my inbox.

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