Important Misconceptions About Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are already present in so many home and business establishments nowadays. But Dollarphotoclub_99030646_1.jpgeven with the rampant usage of wireless networks, there are still so many myths about them that people believe. But that is not a surprise since one cannot expect everybody to have very good IT knowledge. After all, IT can be quite complicated. Well, do you think you know a lot about wireless networks? Check out some of these misconceptions right here:
Not broadcasting your SSID makes your network safe

Your wireless router has an SSID, which stands for Service Set Identifier. Your SSID is the name of your router. Now, some people think that hiding their SSID makes their network a lot safe. After all, it seems that the SSID would not be seen by other users and potential hackers. But take note that there are already a lot of PCs that can detect even hidden networks. Thus, hiding your SSID would not be significant to your security. In fact, doing so might even attract hackers. They might think that you really have a lot of important files hidden within your network.

Opening your wireless network slows down your connection

A lot of people believe that wireless network passwords are important because these prevent other users from freeloading. They think that freeloaders are the main cause of their slow connection. Well, that is unlikely the case. Try running up a guest network and let others use that. If you see that your neighbors do not slow down the connection, then let them share your connection. Take note that you can easily ban any user should there ever be one that consumes a lot of your net speed – should there ever be one.

Reducing your network’s power to improve its security

You have the option to reduce your network’s width. Now, some people think that reducing their network’s width would help improve their security. After all, it seems that a smaller network is something hard to sneak into since hackers might have to draw closer to your establishment to gain access. But it should be noted that small networks can easily be penetrated by simply using larger antennas. There are very good antennas that can really pick up signals even from very small networks and these are readily available to hackers out there.

The higher placed the router, the better the connection

In hopes of a faster connection, there are those who believe that putting up the router at a higher spot can help improve connection. But connection does not really depend on where the router is at but to what kind of antennae is being used. There are different types of antennas out there. Some examples include dish, yagi, and omni antennas. Each antennae has an ideal spot to be placed at and that does not necessarily mean the top of the roof.


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