Microsoft Planner Launched

Microsoft Planner will be included in the Microsoft Office bundle and is comparable to Trello and Asana. The software focuses on team collaboration and organizes work and tasks in a bulletin or board-type format. Teams can create plans, assign tasks, chat, and share documents and files.

The software is also very visually focused and each task on the board includes a picture or may include an attachment so you can see the tasks to be completed at a glance. The beauty of Planner as compared with other similar software is that it integrates with all other Microsoft products. It also integrates with OneNote. Planner will offer a great alternative to Sharepoint tasks also because it’s easier to use.

Planner is rolling out now and will automatically appear in the 365 launcher to eligible Office 365 customers including Office 365 Enterprise E1-E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education plans.