Office 365- Providing a Learning Community for Professionals

Microsoft has provided educators the opportunity to work and learn together so that they can improve their teaching experiences. Office 365 Education includes a framework for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that enables groups of educators to communicate and collaborate to improve quality learning for their students.

Upon creating a PLC in Outlook, Office 365 provides pre-populated content and templates to get you started. Each PLC group has its own OneNote notebook with pre-populated content and templates to get the work flowing. This OneNote notebook is where all collaborations, contributions, and ideas are introduced and noted. Keep your PLC on track by using Planner to organize and assign tasks, set due dates, and update statuses. There is a visual dashboard and e-mail notifications to keep you updated and in the loop of any activity occurring in Planner. Lastly, to stay connected with your PLC, Office 365 Connectors brings all your conversations and feeds  into one shared inbox for easier tracking. The Skype feature in Connections allows you to meet your PLC members virtually without the hassle of travel and scheduling.

Built on feedback directly from educators, Office 365 PLC is tailored to their needs and overcomes barriers so that they can unite and focus on what matters most- growth in student learning.