student information systems

Simplify Your Life with a Student Information System

The United States is committed to providing its citizens quality education. This commitment is evident in the continuous search for the best education programs. In 1994, there was GOALS 2000, which was then reformed into the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. More recently, the NCLB was replaced by the Every Student Succeeds act in December 2015.

All of these educational reforms have one common goal: monitor and ensure the achievement of every student and make sure that they are receiving high standards of learning. Your educational organization’s capacity to fulfill this goal is highly dependent on your access to student information.

Akins IT is one of the few IT consulting firms that is passionate about quality education. We want education providers to succeed in their goals. Because of this, our mission is to fully understand your IT needs and future goals. We do not merely recommend a system. We make sure it is the best solution for your organization.

Many schools and education agencies are already employing systems for data collection. The problem is that technology is ever-changing. It has profoundly affected our education community’s capacity to manage student information. More advanced computer hardware and software have become more vital than ever. An efficient student information system has become a key ingredient in the endeavor for meeting the educational needs of all students.

Every education institution is unique. That is why there is no single student information system that can meet the requirements of all the schools and education agencies in the United States. Working with firms like Akins IT helps organizations create a well-planned automated student information system that benefits not only teachers and school administrators, but the community, lawmakers, families, and students as well.

A well-designed student information system provides the following advantages:

Cost Reduction

There are expenses associated with the collection, storage, and retrieval of records. Even though a modern system seems expensive at the outset, its efficiency and capacity for future savings actually make it more cost-effective than traditional record keeping. The cost of an automated data system should pay for itself in time due to its efficiency. It provides complete, accurate, and timely information.


As mentioned, an automated student information system is more efficient than a paper system. When information about a student is required, the modern system provides it with just a few mouse clicks.


Promptness is not the only requirement for effective decision-making. Data quality is also essential and that is only possible when you have a system with clearly defined data elements. This is not possible when you are using a paper system.

Data Transfer

Gone are the days when schools needed to wait days to get the student information they need. For example, when a student transfers from one school to another, the new school can retrieve the student record electronically with authorization from the previous school. Electronic file transfer is one of the most desirable features of an automated student information system that can make your job easier.

There are many advantages of employing an automated student information system. Upgrading your system to a more efficient one with the help of Akins IT leads to quick collection, storage, and retrieval of accurate student information. Work with us to improve US educational programs and services.