Take a Vacation! Outlook on the Web is Making it Easier to Get Away.

Summer is just around the corner. Get ready to dig your toes in the sand and grab a fruity cocktail because Outlook on the web is making it even easier for you to go on vacation now. Even though the point of a vacation is to relax, most of us find the period before the vacation more stressful than usual since there is a lot to get done in order for us to be out of office for a week.

Outlook on the web allows users to automatically decline meetings and offers you the following options when you set an automatic reply:

  • Block time out in your calendar so others know you’re on vacation. This way, when a coworker looks at your calendar, it will show you as “away.”
  • Clear existing meetings while you plan to be out by cancelling or declining them. Outlook will pull all meetings that occur while you plan to be gone and will give you the option to choose which you want to cancel or decline.
  • Send an automatic response to new calendar invitations while you’re out. Just click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Automatic replies.

These features are available to all users with Office 365 subscriptions so, take a stress-free vacation. You’ve earned it.