Your New Password: Coffee, Muscle, Car, Beer

Emojis have changed the way we communicate and many people use them to communicate via text more than actual words. They have a clear place in younger social environments with 64% of millennials communicating only with emojis regularly. But, research suggests that emojis may have a valuable place in business too.

New security software will make emojis usable as passwords in place of numbers, letters, and other symbols and is predicted to be more secure than traditional 4-digit PINS. The software will take the PINS, like what you put in to get into your iPhone, and offer 44 unique emojis instead of numbers. A traditional PIN has 7,290 variations whereas the emoji system will offer almost 3,500,00, making it 480 times more secure.

 Many companies have tried to stay ahead of hackers by requiring stronger passwords- a capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character. But, likely you’ve shared our frustration in having to create various versions of your regular password to satisfy these requirements and then, of course, you frequently forget it. 

Worried you’ll forget an emoji password? Roughly 1/3 of people forget their PINS. The firm introducing the new emoji software suggests that users create a story using the emojis to reduce their likelihood of forgetting the combination. For example, you get up and have coffee, go to the gym, drive to work, walk your dog, and have a beer to end the day. In emoji, this would translate to: coffee, muscle arm, car, dog, beer.