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3 Advantages of a Network Firewall for Your School

As an educator, the most important part of your job is your students. Countless bright, intelligent, enthusiastic young adults look up to you for guidance. Education is more than teaching The Tempest, or the Reconstruction period, or geometric proofs. Education is about shaping young minds into wise adults, about providing a guiding hand to those who need guidance.

But such lofty goals have very real risks. Information technology is an integral part of modern society and an important part of modern education. So much depends on complicated forms of hardware and software. Without the right protection, one virus or Trojan horse could cause massive damage to a school system. Both your students and your teachers are put at risk.

However, a network firewall can keep your school safe and running without interruption.

Keep Students Safe with a Network Firewall

Schools are a place of safety for students. Most threats are physically stopped at the door, but some cyber threats will get in through your IT network. Putting a network firewall in place is the next step to protecting your students.

State and federal laws require that schools monitor and filter their students’ web usage, and for good reason. We can’t fool ourselves and pretend that the world’s internet is free of dangerous content, like malware and phishing scams. Any one of these forms of malicious content can take advantage of a student’s young nature. Even elementary school students are exposed to the internet and they must be kept safe from dangerous or age-inappropriate content.

Likewise, kids can’t always tell what’s good or bad for them. Teachers can’t be around every student of every moment to protect every single child. A network firewall will protect students from the growing world of malware on the internet. While our kids are usually well behaved, they can still get up to no good on occasion! Sometimes students need to be kept out of trouble and off social media – at least during school hours. A network firewall can ensure this as well.

A More Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Network

A network firewall protects your IT network, that’s rather obvious. But what becomes the material cost of not implementing a network firewall? A school’s IT network is like any large and diverse network; it’s intricate, connected, and has a lot of access points. Without a robust firewall, your network is vulnerable and will be attacked, requiring repairs.

Repairs become necessary, making both time and money add up. Time taken out of the school day and the students’ education. Money taken out of the budget that could improve school facilities. Putting a network firewall in place saves money on your school budget and makes running the school day more efficient.

Teachers and School Staff Can Work Unhindered

The classroom involves a lot of information technology. So does running the school. Whether it’s the primary school teacher emailing in attendance, a social studies teacher using an interactive map, a guidance counselor going over a student’s record, or the principal at the top, every part of running a school district involves some form of information technology.

Your teachers and school staff cannot do their jobs if they are maneuvering around IT problems day after day. Lesson plans come to a halt, department meetings stalled, it all comes to a stop. Ensuring an efficient IT network through a network firewall is key to a well-run school.

At the end of the day too, school staff are that, staff. They are employees with personal information on their computers or other school hard drives. Like any employer, a school needs to keep its staff safe from harm as well. Your teachers will know the administration has their back.

Keep Your School Safe

When you’re looking for a custom-tailored network firewall, look no further than Akins IT. We work with clients to custom fit their IT protection to their needs. We care about our clients, and we want to ensure that our schools stay a safe and happy space for everyone.

So when you want to protect your school, give Akins IT a call. We’ll build your network firewall together.